Exclusive Research : Belgaum had Different Names in Past.  


No doubt India has different names, which we use them even today. India, Bharat and Hindustan all are the same. Similarly, Belgaum went through different name changes ever since the Ratta Dynasty started ruling this place. Below are the names it achieved in the past history.

Jirnasitapura - Old Belgaum and Shahpur, the then Sapur were together called Jirnasitapura in the 7th Century. [ Refrence Pg 138 of The Indian Antiquary ]

Vamsapura, it got this name when Queen Gunavati got a offspring from King Kuntamaraya. [ Refrence - Pg 140 of The Indian Antiquary ]

Venugrama or Velugrama or Ikshugrama was the name in 805 AD [ Refrence - Pg 862 of Karnataka State Gazetteer]

Venugram in 1199AD [ Refrence - Pg 862 of Karnataka State Gazetteer]

Azamnagar [ According to Mr. Strokes (Belgaum, 45), after the fall of bijapur, the fort of Belgaum remained for several years in possession of Aurangzeb's second son Azam and from him was called Azamnagar. This seems doubtful. According to Orme (Historical Fragments, 286-287) Belgaum was called Azamnagar under the Bijapur Kings. Refrence - Pg 547 Bombay of Gazzattee]

Mustafabad [ In memory of one of its Commandants or Killedars, who thoroughly repaired and strengthened the ramparts of the Belgaum Fort. Refrence - Pg 548 of Bombay Gazetteer ]

Belagugrama to Belugav to Belgavi [ Refrence - Pg 500 of Bombay Gazetteer ]

Belgaum - In 16 or 17th Century when the British East India Company were unable to pronounce the word Belgavi, they changes the name as per their accent and called it as Belgaum.

Till date, this is what we know today but not to worry as the JD(S) and BJP led coalition Govt forwarded a list of District Names of the Karnataka State to get changed and sent it to the Central Congress Govt in 2006 on the eve of 50th Year of Independence of Karnataka State. So belgaum is expecetd to get back its name from Belgaum to Belgavi.

Belgavi expected to get its name soon in near future.

Othere places name changes that were also related to Belgaum were :-

Yalur [ Refrence Book A Legend of Old Belgaum, May 1875 Pg - 139.]

Yellur as we know it today.

Sapur in 11th Century [ Refrence Pg 138 of The Indian Antiquary ]

Chapour in 1680 by the East India Company

Shahpur as we know it today.

Hrasvagiri in 11th Century [ Refrence Pg 138 of The Indian Antiquary ]

Anagola [ Refrence Pg 138 of The Indian Antiquary ]

Angol as we know it today.

Kondanur in 11th Century.

Konnur as we know it today

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