India Old Postcard WESTERN FORT GATE with Palm Trees - BELGAUM  


Vintage British Indian Postcard. The Western Fort Gate, Palm Tree, Belgaum.

India Old Postcard Dbl Bullock Cart in FORT MUSJID - BELGAUM  


Vintage B/W British Indian Postcard. The Fort Musjid, Belgaum with Double Bullock Cart and Street Scene.

The Fort Musjid, known as Safa Masjid which was once a Shiva Temple later was demolished and changed to Safa Masjid by King Adil Shah. Today this is within the premisis of Indian Army/Military Area and is highly secured. Read the blog below for Safa Masjid fof more details.

India Old Postcard Interior of ST. MARY'S CHURCH - BELGAUM  


St. Mary's Church, Camp - Belgaum about 100 years ago.

Vintage B/W British Indian Postcard. Interior of St. Mary's Church, Camp - Belgaum.

Indian Old Postcard Dbl Bullock Cart Fort Musjid of Belgaum  


Vintage B/W British Indian Postcard.
The Fort Musjid, Belgaum. Double Bullock Cart. Street Scene.

Northern Belgaum Fort Gate of Belgaum in 1910  


In my endeavor to get you the past of Belgaum, with some nostalgic old photos, which have never been published in any local new paper until date, here is another one.

This photo is of the Northern gate of the Fort taken in 1910. We can see British Army personals near the gate discussing and one fellow mate is ready to take a photo with a close type camera. Some Indians are watching them sitting below the tree

Many readers will say why is this site becoming historical then latest, Friends history is history and we have to learn from history. Uday K found it on Ebay. I am really thankful for his efforts he has taken to find the old photo.

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