Jamia Masjid : Earlier a Jain/Shiva Temple.  


This small Mosque ( Jamia Masjid) which was earlier a Jain or Shiva temple. 

Jamia Masjid as seen in 1910
The Jamia Masjid, dated 1585-86, was built by Sher Khan. This mosque is just 50 meters away from the ruined Shiva temple. It has still got many of its inner walls with Jain or Shiva scripts and the king was unable to remove all the art work inside the temple as he did for Safa masjid, which was also earlier a Shiva temple. No one is allowed entry into this as it is under ASI.

 Jamia Masjid as seen in 2010

The fort has two mosques or masjids, namely the Safa Masjid and Jamia Masjid; the former mosque is the most frequented by the Muslim population of the city of Belgaum. Safa masjid was completed in 1519 by Asad Khan Lari (testified by the Persian inscription). The Mosque’s pillars have exquisite inscriptions in a fusion of Nagari and Persian styles. It is also said that two of the pillars here are from Hindu temples and have Kannada inscriptions in Nagari scripts; one pillar dated to 1199 AD is credited to Ratta King Kartaveerya IV and the other pillar dated to 1261 AD is credited to Sevuna (Yadava) Krishna.

With so much history near us we are not aware of this. Seeing the current condition of this monument our future generations will have to only see it on AAB.

ABB says : With inputs from Bramhanand Chipre - http://kamalbasti.blogspot.com/
Source : http://allaboutbelgaum.com/ 

Ruined Shiv Temple in Fort premisis  


Not many know this but there was old Shiv Temple in the Fort near the Military Training area. The same as been taken over by the ASI in 2008-09 and they have upgraded it with new doors.

  Ruined Shiva Temple

This Shiva temple was built in 12th century.
There were 108 Jain temples and 101 Shiva temples in the fort and the fort was built after demolishing many of these temples luckily 5 were spared out of which 2 are mosques now and 2 Jain temples and 1 Shiva temple.

 Shiva Temple as located on Map

But the present condition of the temple is worse. When AAB tried to access the temple for the photos the gate was locked and with grass up to a feet high it was not advised by passers by to enter the premises as they said it will have snakes.

Entrance to the temple with all grass

So team AAB entered from the rear side and took the pics and the temple from inside looked completely empty.
The ASI board is visible on one side of this temple, but lack of interest will make this ruined temple into ruins again.

ASI should take proper care and not juts put a board at the site.

ABB Says : With inputs from Bramhanand Chipre – http://kamalbasti.blogspot.com/
Source : http://allaboutbelgaum.com/ 

Uncared and Govt's Blind Eye : The Belgaum Fort.  


The Belgaum fort built in 13 century (Originally built by the Ratta dynasty, later fortified by Yakub Ali Khan of the Bijapur Sultanate) was well known for its unique building structure and its huge moat surrounding the fort, which made it inaccessible to the enemies. The Belgaum fort served as a bulwark against the attacks of invading armies. It steadfastly held fort as Belgaum played host to a multitude of dynasties, from the Rattas, the Vijayanagar emperors, Bijapur Sultans, Marathas and finally the British. During the freedom movement of India, Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned here.
The inside of the fort is stretched about 1000 yards long and 800 yards broad. The fort was well built as a Military store.

This particular photo was taken from a burz (watch tower) on the Right hand side when once enters the fort from Bhartesh College.

Some more images to speak for themselves. We have a treasure with us but we never care for this as we our selves dont know about it.

 The Walls most of them have fallen down but a few are still telling history 

Another view of the Tower top

 View from the tower. In history this vie must have been used to keep a watch on enemies

The floor of rock again,Rock Solid!!
Source : http://allaboutbelgaum.com/

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