AK Belgaum, The Dhummey Stand, Rindergespanne 1934  


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Church inside the Belgaum fort  


Not many know that there was a church in the fort (including me).

Aziz who has spent many years around the fort area gave some insight on the fort Church. The church was during the British era and there is a reference to this in the gazetteer of Campbell. No ruins remain, but legend has it that it was located after the PWD offices on the left side as one enters from Durga Devi gate, before Deshpande’s bungalow, there is a teak plantation there now.

THE FORT CHURCH - called Christ Church was 112 ft long with a pleasing interior, built in 1833 and contained several monuments and memorial windows.The church front was in black marble. Its apse was designed by General Merriman R.E. to commemorate the services of Mr. Charles James Mason, of the Bombay Civil Service, who when Acting Political Agent, South Maratha Country, was murdered by the chief of Nargund in 1858. The Apse and Memorial window at the east of the church were erected by Mason’s friends in affectionate memory of his public worth. Of the 6 other tablets, 1 is to Lieutenant W.P.Shakespeare, A.P.Campbell & Ensign W.Caldwell who fell in Kolhapur and Savantvadi insurrection in 1844.

Club Road inside Belgaum Fort.

Ramswamy Fort Gate  


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