Karnataka Tourism favors Kamal Basti  

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Karnataka Tourism comes in favor of Kamal Basti

A new display board/hording has been put up by the Karnataka Tourism at the Gogte Circle (Railway Station Circle) in Belgaum. It is on the Left hand corner of the Congress Road at the Traffic Signal. People coming from Military Mahadev of Congress Road can see it, tough the placement board is not so visible due the electricity/Traffic Signal Pole.

Kudos to the Karnataka Tourism that it has come with a new taught to highlight Kamal Basti as a Tourist Spot along with the Belgaum Fort and Fort Lake. At last the tourism department considers that the Fort, the Lake, and Kamal Basti are of greater importance to the Nation, at least in terms of Tourism which can attract outsiders to have a glance of the beauty of the city.

I request the Karnataka Tourism Department to add few more boards/hoardings along the Highway Roads which connects Belgaum with all major places, so that people traveling via Belgaum can come to know the importance of the Place.

Image Source : http://belgaumblog.com

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