Architectural Plans of Two Jaina Bastis - 1175 CE and 1204 CE  


Exclusive photo of Kamal Basti Architecture Plan dated 1204 CE by AIIS [American Institute of Indian Studies], Varanasi

Exclusive photo of Chikki Basti Architecture Plan dated 1175 CE by AIIS, Varanasi

The Jaina Temple Architectural Plans as drawn and described by J. Burgess was in the Belagavi Fort premises which had two temples and each of them are facing South. The architecture of both the temples vary a lot as in the Kamal Basti we could clearly find that more care was given to the carvings, the roof and the pillars while in the Chikki Basti more care was taken to construct the hall and the Mantapa.

Exclusive details found on Ruined Jaina Basti.  

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Source : Historical Kamal Basti and Ruined Chikki Basti - 1987

On the opposite side, to the right of the Kamala Basti is anther ruined Jaina temple without garbhagriha and ardhamantapa. It has a navaranga and an open mukhamantapa. The navaranga pillars are massive and have circular as well as square cross sections with fine finishing. The mukhyamantapa and the navaranga are constructedon an elevated jagati which surrounds even the pradakshina patha. the doorway [Chalukyan] of the navaranga has intricate carvings of fine floral and geometrical designs. The parapet of the kakshasana in the mukhamantapa has rows of dancing figures, fine geometrical motifs in a row and other figures of animals like elephants.

Complete History of Belgaum as with Karnataka Government Records.

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Man behind Kamal Basadi Pooja and Maintenance

He is Mahaveer Upadhye who is the main person who takes care of the Maintenance and daily pooja and rituals Kamal Basadi. His father Late. Shrikant Upadhye was also a dedicated poojari of this temple in his time. People respect and take suggestion from him and his family even today and he is a well known, honored and a respected person in the Digambar Jain Samaj.

He can be reached at :

Shri Mahaveer Sharikant
H.NO. 43/9, Tanaji Galli, Belgaum - 590 004
Phone : 0831

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