Can't we Re-Create History ? Together we can . . . .  

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[ Kamal Basti and Chikki Basti ]

Here is treat for your eyes. These pictures, I doubt no body has seen till date. All these pictures are from the Kamal Basti and Chikki Basti, Fort Belgaum.

All pictures taken by me based on Inputs from Past & Years of Hard Work .

Can u make the difference ?

In 1855 the Image below shows that it was unused and unpreserved and so no one bothered to make a change. But in the second photo of 2007 below u can imagine the changes taken with Garden around, Rebuilt and Preserved Basti.

Kamal Basti - British Library, 1855 AD.

Kamal Basdi, 2007 AD

But we forgot to make a difference for the other Ruined Chikki Basti. So cant we make a difference now for this Chikki Basti, so that it can be rebuilt and preserved, and Re-Create History ?

Chikki Basadi [Jain Temple] near Kamal Basdi, 1733 AD

Ruined, Unpreserved and Unused Chikki Basti [Jain Temple], 2007 AD

Note : The color image looks beautiful from outside, but what lies inside can be seen in the Slideshow above.

Act now or never !

Days are not far when we will explain our childern and/or grand children with photo slides describing the past history of Belgaum which unfortunatly we could not Save and Preseve it. ! Think over again ! Yes, we can make a difference and we need to act now or never. Together we can save our Culture, Heritage and Beauty of Belgaum. Come join hands together.

Since Belgaum is famous for many other reasons Kamal Basadi is part of it and today is the day when we all will have to stand forward to re-construct the Ruined Chikki Basadi which is under the protection of Archeological Department. We can see that the Ramakrishna Mission is developed and brought in Belgaum and is well maintained. So why not we make Kamal Basadi too a place of tourist spot and help our Belgaum be famous for its Rich Heritage.

! Donations are Welcome !

To save and rebuild the Old 10th Century AD temple we need about 8-10 Lakh Rupees and so we all need to come together and Save our Belgaum for its beauty.

Note : Mr.Brahmanand Chipre can be contacted directly on his email or else you can drop in your comments here. If anyone is interested in making Monetary donations you can contact Mr. Brahmanand Chipre.

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